The London Private Investigator writes: we’re raving about our reviews!

To our shame, we realise it’s been ages since we’ve updated this blog and all our followers on social media. So Dear Reader, apologies from the London Private Investigator.

It’s been one of the busiest starts to the year here at Anderson Chance that we can remember. We’ve already successfully carried out more than 20 Due Diligence checks, 9 Asset Traces, 15 Pre-Employment checks, resolved 4 Missing Persons cases and that’s in addition to two major court cases we are currently assisting with.

We’ve also been busy behind the scenes, recruiting new staff, looking for possible new offices, and changing our Website and SEO provider. It was whilst we were reviewing our SEO that it was suggested we should add testimonials from satisfied clients to our website.

We were dubious at first, as here at Anderson Chance we never release any details of who our clients are to anyone. It’s just one of the things that we believe sets us apart from our competitors . Discretion and confidentiality are paramount as far as we are concerned. If you ever have cause to use Anderson Chance ‘s investigation services, no one will ever know -unless you choose to tell them. But then we had second thoughts. We do get a lot of emails from clients telling us just how pleased they are with our investigation services. And believe it or not, we also get lots of complimentary letters too, which we really enjoy reading in this ever increasing digital age.

So we relented and picked extracts which we were able to anonymise sufficiently to protect our clients’ identities. It was a pleasure for us to read back over the many positive comments we’ve had over the years. It’s always good to know you are doing something well, and a happy client is what we strive for and pride ourselves on.

But for us, sharing these comments on our website wasn’t so much about blowing our own trumpet (we don’t need to do that), but more as a tool to help reassure prospective clients that we really are the Private Investigators of choice. Choosing a Private Investigator is never easy, and there are hundreds of cowboys out there keen to make a fast buck – the sort who will take your money, promise you the earth, and never deliver a result. We know this, because we are contacted on a daily basis by people who’ve been taken in by the unscrupulous Private Detective.

We think our testimonials highlight what we already know to be true. And we very much hope that they will help anyone looking for a reliable, discreet, trustworthy, experienced and professional Private Investigator realise they have come to the right place.

As ever, if you or anyone you know needs our services, contact us now for a chat and a free no-obligation quote. In the meantime, we’ll leave you with a couple of examples showing our clients’ opinion of us:

“Having had a less than satisfactory time with other Private Investigators, it was a real pleasure dealing with Anderson Chance. They are exceptional at what they do, and I found them to be very professional. They kept me informed every step of the way.” T. M. Manchester

“Thank you Anderson Chance! The best Private Investigators out there in my opinion. You helped me when no one else could.” Ms J, London

See our website for more: (just hover over the About tab to see our testimonials).