Anti-Cheating Apps: Love me Tinder, Love me True

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As experienced private investigators of many years standing, we read with interest a newspaper article about the new trend for couples to spy on each other with anti-cheating apps.

In times gone by, suspicious spouses would perhaps rifle through their loved ones’ pockets or inspect shirt collars, seeking incriminating evidence. Or engage the services of a private detective.

Now it seems that technology is providing us with something we didn’t even know we needed.

These apps work in a variety of ways. Once downloaded, some will tell you whether your beloved has a profile on sites like Tinder and the last time they used it; others will track your lover’s mobile activity or use GPS to tell you where they are. In short, there are more ways than ever to use emerging technology to snoop on your partner. Some are perfectly legal, others not so.

As private investigators, we are used to dealing with the sensitivities and emotions that surround the prenuptial and matrimonial work we do. We understand how difficult it can be when someone is suspicious of their partner’s activities. Insecurity, jealousy, and just “not knowing” are hard bedfellows to live with.

We use technology ourselves in these sorts of investigations. But we are not sure just how valuable these anti-cheating apps really are.

For a start, they are not infallible. GPS technology, for example, is not always entirely accurate. Just think about the problems people have with their sat nav. Now imagine a tracking app told you that your husband was in a hotel in Mayfair when he was supposed to be in a meeting. Banged to rights? Not if the meeting room was in the offices over the road from the hotel and the GPS just could not quite lock in closely enough.

These apps could actually increase the paranoia and jealousy they are designed to assuage.

For true peace of mind, unsavoury and unpleasant though the thought may be, hiring a private investigator to undertake discreet surveillance would give the suspicious partner the evidence (or lack of) they require. Sometimes the old-fashioned methods are the best.

Of course, even though we are private investigators, and this is all part and parcel of our business, we would always suggest talking to your spouse first before jumping to conclusions.

But if you do decide that you need some help, then make sure you choose your private investigator wisely. Unfortunately, there’s not an app yet that lets you compare private investigators. But there is a website that can show you where you can find one you can rely on: