Due Diligence: All in due course…

One of the services we provide as private investigators, is pre-employment screening and due diligence.

We know people lie. Let’s face it, we’ve probably all exaggerated our achievements at one time or another, in a bid to secure our dream job. And a little exaggeration can be fairly harmless. According to a recent survey, 38% of people admit lying on their CV

But what if someone’s lies or exaggerated claims could have more damaging consequences?

In an increasingly cut-throat and competitive market, our services as private investigators are being called on more often to weed out any bad apples. Companies approach us not just to carry out pre-employment checks on potential new staff, but also to carry out more in-depth due diligence. For example, when merging or acquiring companies, or striking a lucrative deal.

We carry out extensive investigations to ensure that companies are making the right decisions.

We have many years  experience  as private investigators working with companies and organisations of all sizes.

There’s not much we haven’t seen – the squeaky clean top executive who turned out to have a less than savoury past; the “ethical” company who invested in arms; the PhD expert who bought her degree online…we could go on.

Due diligence is vital in today’s world. It’s easier than ever for people to create alternative personas. In our work as private investigators, we’ve seen people create entire alter egos,  with full social media profiles, education history, fictitious degrees…and be convincing enough to fool people.

Companies end up losing not just money,  but their  even more precious reputation when they fall victim to these kinds of fraudsters. And the costs can be even higher when they make the wrong decision in that once-in-a-lifetime business deal.