A Private Investigator can assist in a variety of situations. For example, we can help gather the evidence you need in matrimonial investigations, fraud investigations, due diligence and background checks, and tracing missing people. These are just some of the areas in which Anderson Chance Private Investigators work.
No. We never divulge the identities of any of our clients. However, we can provide legal references upon request.
Yes. We only work within the law. We are members of the World Association of Professional Investigators and carry out all our investigations according to the law. We work closely with barristers and solicitors, and can provide legal references upon request.
Yes, our services are available for members of the public and corporate entities alike.
Yes, our investigators have many years experience of investigating fraud in the UK and worldwide.
Yes, we offer a full suite of background checks and due diligence services. We can research individuals as well as companies and organisations.
Anderson Chance investigates and locates assets in the UK and throughout the world. Please call one of our investigators for a free consultation.